Today is Saturday and I still can’t believe that a week has already passed. We are slowly getting into the routine of always being on the go, slowly trying to pick up and establish habits of students of knowledge, trying. One of my personal goals when coming here was to start my day at Fajr and so far in the rush of mornings to get to class on time, it has been pretty successful. Our day starts at Fajr followed by some time for Qur’an and then scrambling around to eat breakfast, get lunch packed, grab all notebooks, and racing out the door as soon as possible to make sure that we are able to get good seats.

We start off the day with a little bit of review after which Ustadh Adam teaches us grammar till 11:00am. I am always humbled by his patience and dedication in making sure we understand the concepts. In just a week, we have heard so many stories from him about his own personal studies and the journey he took and subhanAllah it always amazes me how much our teachers have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice for the sake of Allah and His religion. May Allah accept from all of them and elevate them.

After 11:00am (ish), we have a half hour break for lunch and then break into groups to do drills, go over homework, get concepts solidified and this week we will start with an Arabic reader. The groups are led by TA’s and each one of them is so inspiring, so genuine, caring, and there’s always something to learn from them. They are our teachers too and some of the most hard working people I’ve seen. They’re there before class, stay late after, even on Fridays and all so that this journey is smoother and more enriching for us. May Allah accept every sacrifice of theirs and open so many doors of good in this life and the next for their efforts.

Group sessions end around 1:45pm at which point we break for Dhuhr and then our last period of the day is after salah until about 2:45ish. Though it’s only been a week, the campus has become like a second home and my peers are slowly becoming like a family. Every single person there was chosen and there’s so much to learn from everyone’s experiences and journeys. We have so many young sisters in our class who have come straight out of high school and then so many mothers with children who are making incredible sacrifices to study the book of Allah. May Allah increase them.

Fridays are exam days so there’s really never much time to get too comfortable and relax. But that’s what we’re here for. We’re here to work. We’re here to study, study until our brains hurt, study until we’re dead tired, study so much that even in our dreams we start labeling isms. But Alhamdulillah for this, these are the best of days. Master, we’re here for You. Grant us the knowledge of Your Book, allow us to unlock it’s treasures, and allow it to transform every aspect of us. Ameen.