Shining Lamp


In the Quran we find the messenger SAWS described as سراج منير, a shining lamp. What’s interesting is that the only other context this phrase is found is when Allah uses it to describe the sun.

This parallel description is no coincidence, and in fact holds within it a powerful metaphor.

The indirect comparison of the prophet to the sun, which is the source of light, aptly represents the role of the messenger in relation to his nation.

The mention of سراج منير, with reference to the sun, is proceeded by a description of the moon which reflects the original light of the sun.

The messenger brings divine light and guidance, and it is the responsibility of his nation, the moon, to reflect this guidance in their lives.

Whereas the sun knows no phases and gleams with perpetual perfection, the moon has phases, ups and downs, where it becomes weaker and stronger, yet it never loses its connection and reliance on the sun.

Our Ummah will pass through rough times, but it should always look to the light and guidance of our messenger for a way out, for hope.


  1. Subhan Allah its amazing

  2. Coooooooooool!!! B)

  3. Logical. But what a wonderful image for helping us remember it. Jezzak Allahu Firdaus!

  4. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful gem. That metaphor is seriously cool 🙂

  5. Mashaallah

    It is these kinds of analysis and reflections that make me think. It proves that wisdom is everywhere, and nature demands is to think.

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