Puzzle Pieces.

In Surah Taha, we learn extensively about Prophet Musa (as), how Allah spoke to him directly, how Musa (as) was given the mission to go back to the place that he ran away from, and the powerful du’a that he makes for Allah to facilitate this task, and this responsibility that has been given to him. What really captures me in Surah Taha is after these set of ayaat, in Ayahs 37-41, Allah reminds Musa (as) of all the different blessings that were conferred to him, teaching him that He has been there all along from the beginning.

Allah tells Musa (as) about his past, about how the soldiers were about to kill him, how Allah inspired Musa (as)’s mother to throw him in the river, how his sister ran after to watch him, how he ended in the Pharoh’s house but Allah returned and reunited him with his mother so her heart wouldn’t grieve and then he was tested in many ways, tested immensely from having to run away from his land, being homeless, without anything and then Allah says after mentioning all these things, Allah says: “…Then you came [here] at the decreed time, O Moses.”  [20:40]

Allah tells Musa (as) that you came here right on time. Everything was part of the plan. Allah was there all along, at every step, at every moment, Watching, Hearing, Present. All the puzzle pieces were slowly being put together and at that valley, where Allah is speaking to Musa (as), He reminds Musa (as), that you have came right on time. You are right where you are supposed to be. 

This ayah made me reflect- Over the years, as I’ve grown, I’ve realized that growing up isn’t as smooth sailing, isn’t as glamorous as my 8 year old self used to think. It’s tough, it’s responsibility, it’s a lot of questions, a lot of uncertainty, and difficult decisions and there are moments of just utter confusion and moments where you just feel like there is no way out, where the pieces just don’t seem to be fitting. But there is so much comfort in reflecting on these ayahs because after all the difficulties and struggles that Musa (as) has gone through, Allah reminds him that it was all part of the plan, it was all to mold him, for Him.

And just like that, we go through moments of extreme difficulty, of extreme uncertainty, of closed door after closed door but they are all part of the process. Your experiences, your struggles, your moments of happiness, your smiles and your tears are all unique- they are all part of the Plan and slowly but surely, the puzzles pieces start to connect and come together. And there is a beautiful tranquility and peace that lies in knowing that, when you live for Allah alone, He takes care of you in the best of ways, connects the puzzle pieces in the most beautiful of ways. And in every moment, He is there, forever Present, closer to us than our jugular vein. الحمد لله

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  1. Ameen Ameen……so true. I share your thoughts and feelings on this. It is absolutely remarkable how Allah SWA guides us and moulds us to this point in our lives.
    Alhamduliellah! All inspiring

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