In the process of leaving my hometown and preparing to settle into Dallas for the Bayyinah Dream Program, the past month in a half has consisted of decluttering, boxes stacked up, bags piled into corners, stuffing this here and stuffing that there. I never thought packing and then unpacking could be so labor intensive not to mention picking up the pieces, saying goodbyes, leaving home was much more difficult than I expected. I have never been away from home for more than 30 days and this was definitely my first time experiencing what traveling and resettling felt like, though its relatively temporary.

This process of packing and unpacking and resettling made me reflect on some very powerful advice that my shaykh told us once in a halaqah. He said that every single one of us are travelers, though sometimes in our homes, in our cities and in the familiar, we get very comfortable, we feel like we “permanently reside” and though in a sense it may be a fact, in the grand scheme of things, we are travelers, we are all on this journey through the dunya, through this life and we came from Him, and we are all on a journey trying to return back to Him, our Master, our Lord, the One who Created us, the One who sustains us, the Most Generous and the Most Merciful.

We are all travelers and even though majority of our life isn’t spent physically packing boxes and suitcases, in a sense we are always packing- we are packing our metaphorical suitcase as we pass through as travelers. In this suitcase, we can either put in things that will benefit us in our journey- good deeds, salah, du’a, seeking knowledge, trying to have ihsan in all our affairs, trying our best to live like the Prophet (sws), trying to pack our suitcase full of good that will bring us benefit in the Hereafter. Or, we can put in things in our suitcase that would be of no use, that simply take up empty weight to an extent where it even becomes a burden. It may hinder the travel and pose no benefit at all to us and those things are sins, the bad deeds. Whether we realize it or not, every day we are packing and traveling- either we are packing good deeds and getting closer to Allah, or we are packing sins, and perhaps potentially taking us away from Allah.

We are all travelers, trying and struggling to make it back Home. May Allah allow us to constantly fill our suitcases of life with good deeds and protect us from packing in sins and allow us to return back to Him in a state that He is pleased with. Ameen.