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Sharif Randhawa

Sharif Randhawa graduated from Bayyinah Institute’s Dream Program in Irving, Texas, in June 2014.  He decided to spend an additional two years in Irving to continue his studies in the Qur’an, with a focus on naẓm (literary coherence) and the Qur’an’s historical context.  He works as a writer and researcher for Bayyinah.

Apart from Qur’anic Studies, Sharif is passionate about:

Near Eastern and Biblical studies, especially the study of ancient Israelite/Jewish and Christian religious writings up to the time of Islam, and their context in the ancient Near East.  Sharif applies his studies in these fields to his appreciation of the stories, religious motifs, and literary tropes of the Qur’an.

Analytic philosophy of religion, the field involving the arguments and evidences concerning the existence of God, religious epistemology (how religious truths might be known, what qualifies as justified belief), and the philosophical interaction of religious ideas with science and other branches of philosophy such as logic, epistemology, metaphysics, and ethics.

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