Often times, studying Arabic, studying the language of the Qur’an seems like a daunting task. Many people will take a step, take a small course etc but may feel discouraged, lose motivation, wonder what is the point even? At the end of the day, there’s translations, right? Is studying Arabic still as important and relevant in our times? These are all valid questions that people ask themselves when starting their journey towards the Qur’an. The other day, Ustadh Adam shared with us a beautiful parable that was so motivating for all of us to remember the purpose of why we are on this journey to begin with.

He told us that if someone you really loved sent you a letter, wouldn’t you want to know what it says? Perhaps the first time or the second time you’d maybe try to get it translated or have someone read it to you but if this person you loved kept communicating with you, if the letters kept coming and coming, wouldn’t you yearn to read them to see what this person who is close to you, is saying?

In this way, Allah (swt), who is above and greater than any human comparison or analogy, He has sent us a letter. He has sent us a love letter that was written for you and I, directly to you and I, full of treasures, full of guidance, and mercy, and healing, and love and that is the Qur’an. Page after page, He has sent it down in a language that is so beautiful and eloquent, so wouldn’t we want to unlock and understand what our Beloved, subhana wa’tala has sent to us? It’s not a matter of have to, but rather above that it’s a matter of love. Our Creator, our Sustainer has sent us a 600+ page love letter and the one that yearns for it, travels for it, stays up nights struggling and crying for the sake of understanding it- is on the road towards achieving and receiving the pleasure and love of their Beloved.

May Allah make us people that strive towards understanding the language of His Book no matter how many bumps we face along the way, make us amongst those that recieve His pleasure and love through the process, and raise us amongst the Ahlul Qur’an!